Ultimate guide to growing your Instagram account & monetizing your following!

Lets kickstart your Instagram!

Do you believe that Instagram is over-saturated?

That you've missed the boat?

Do you think you can't monetize small accounts?

Are you finding it too hard to grow?

Struggling to create a meaningful connection with your audience?

If this all sounds like questions you answered "yes" to, you aren't the only person in the boat trust us!

We have been in the Instagram game for so many years now, IG Stories, Reels or video wasn't even a thing.

We've seen the paradigm shift moving away from 6-pack toting models posing inside unobtainable hotels to audiences getting bored and wanting real connections with real people!

With brands estimated to spend over $8 billion dollars on influencer marketing with a heavy focus on Instagram, it isn't that the pie is getting smaller...it's actually making it more accessible for small accounts to earn a full-time income.

We have grown multiple accounts to hundreds of thousands of followers and earning a sizeable income way before then.

Do you want to learn the exact techniques on how we went from making coffee to travelling the world for free (and getting paid to)

Let us show you from start to finish the secrets, the tips, advice that we learnt to grow multiple accounts to over 100,000 followers.

Who is this Masterclass for?

Is this course for you?

  • Content Creators

    With influencer marketing spend expected to reach over $8 billion dollars...right now there is no better time for small content creators to earn a full time income from Instagram. If this sounds like something you are interested in but just don't know the pathway to growing your following, engaging with your audience and then learning to monetize your account...this is the masterclass for you.

  • Small business owners

    Do you run a small local business and are looking to expand your reach to new customers? Learn to grow a loyal base that will help spread the word about your company. Learn the basics from setting up your account for success right up to finding the right people to talk to.

  • Small to Medium Accounts & Beyond

    Stuck under 1000 followers? or more you have over 10,000 or 100,000 and you still don't fully understand where to find brands or how to work with them. This masterclass shares exactly how to find your worth, where to find brands and how to outreach them.

Grow & Monitize your Instagaram

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What's Included in this Instagram Masterlcass

Everything included

There are over 50 modules with hours upon hours of content that we spent 6+ years learning, crafting and making mistakes to understand just exactly how Instagram works!

Don't wait 6 years...learn it all today.

  • How to correctly set up your account for success
  • What is growth on Instagram look like?
  • How to get over being embarrassed of your content
  • The current state of Instagram 
  • Why someone should follow your account
  • Did you miss the train? Is Instagram over-saturated (spoilers it's not)
  • What makes good Instagram content?
  • How to set up your page for growth and success
  • Understanding Instagram and the Algorithm
  • Crafting content that gets seen
  • What to do and what not to do
  • How to grow a dedicated following on Instagram that translates across multiple social media platforms
  • How to earn a full-time income from Instagram
  • How much should you charge and how to find your worth
  • How to correctly report to clients
  • plus many many more videos!!

*Please note the course is currently still in production and the curriculum could possibly chan


Instructor Bio:

One half of Flying the Nest, Stephen is the film-maker and editor behind the popular YouTube Channel. Back in 2015 we both quit our jobs, sold everything and booked a one way ticket to Hawaii, there we picked up a camera and started filming our lives that turned into a career of full time travel. From studying film making at Film School in Australia to directing & editing TV commercials, Stephen learnt most of his skills by just picking up a camera one day and starting a YouTube channel which blew up into one of the most subscribed and recognized travel channels in the world with over 1.9 million followers.

Stephen Parry-Valentine

Course curriculum

  • 01

    1. How to use this course software

  • 03

    Downloads (Preset)

    • Preset (FREE DOWNLOAD)

  • 04

    3. Instagram Growth

    • What is Growth going to look like?

  • 05

    4. Mental state of Social Media

    • How to deal with haters

    • Comparison is the death of enjoyment

    • State of Instagram

    • Embarrassment of your content

    • The story of how becoming an influencer cost me all my friends

  • 06

    5. Why would Someone follow your account?

    • Real talk: Why should someone follow your account?

    • Did I miss the train? (Is Instagram Over-saturated?)

    • Dont just do Instagram

  • 07

    6. Where to begin

    • What Makes a Good Instagram Account?

    • What's the line from zero to hero?

    • Our biggest regret

  • 08

    7. Instagram Set Up

    • Setting up for Success

    • What are you using your audience for? (CTA)

    • Who are you?

    • Describe yourself

    • Why do you want to do this?

    • Where do you want to be?

    • What's your ideal audience?

    • Quick Exercice

  • 09

    8. Understanding Instagram

    • Intro

    • Instagram Posts

    • Instagram Stories

    • Instagram Live

    • IGTV

    • Instagram Guide

    • Instagram Reels

    • Instagram Stickers

  • 10

    9. Crafting Content That Gets Seen

    • What content should you create?

    • What content should you not create?

    • Learning from History: Instagram's Past, Present and Future

    • Some influencers wont agree with me on this

    • The Feed, the Grid - How important is this?

  • 11

    10. How to Grow on Instagram

    • How to Grow on Instagram

    • How many times should you post?

    • Engaging with your audience

    • The Rules of Engagement

    • The easy way to get content

    • Conquering the Algorithm

    • How to kill your account in one swoosh

    • How to grow dedicated following on Instagram that translate across social media platforms.

    • What will Instagram Punish you for?

    • Should you use Hashtags?

    • Captions Captions Captions

  • 12

    11. Monetization

    • How to earn a full time income from Instagram

    • The Coffee Analogy

    • The must have item before working with brands

    • How Much Should You Charge? [Sponsored Brands part 1]

    • How can I charge more? [Sponsored Brands Part 2]

    • Where Can I Find Brands Right Now? [Sponsored Brands Part 3]

    • Do's and Don'ts of a Brand Deal

    • Reporting & Repeat

  • 13

    12. Wrap-Up

    • Course Wrap-Up and Congratulations

    • Earn $$ For Recommending This Course

    • Before you go

    • PSA Video Contest - $500 In Prizes

    • Introducing: Flying the Nest Academy Presents: TikTok Growth Masterclass with Jorden Tually

    • Introducing: Flying the Nest Academy Video Editing Masterclass

Pricing options

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  • When will the course go live?

    The course is now live and you are free to enrol and start learning today.

  • Is this a live course aka with required attendance times

    This course has been created with your time and schedule in mind. You can join at any time and go through the entire course at your own pace.

  • Do I need a Instagram account

    Though we anticipate everyone to have one it's not required and we will walk you through set up.

  • Is this course just for Influencers? and not my small business?

    Not at all! This account caters for both small business owners as well as aspiring content creators.

  • Will I get rich & famous after taking this course?

    We want to be as open as possible this is in no way a get rich quick scheme and we are will never claim that. Running and maintaining an Instagram account takes many hours, months and years so if you follow our course and put in the effort you will more than likely see results

  • My question isn'y here - what can I do?

    Just email Stephen at shop@flyingthenest.tv or DM on Instagram (www.instagram.com/sparrystake) and I am more than happy to answer it.

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Kayleen Zoethout

5 star rating

“Thank you Stephen for being a fabulous teacher and explaining content so easily and clearly. You are so relatable which made the course even more enjoyable. Whether you are just starting out or want to learn more tips from the beginning then thi...”

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“Thank you Stephen for being a fabulous teacher and explaining content so easily and clearly. You are so relatable which made the course even more enjoyable. Whether you are just starting out or want to learn more tips from the beginning then this is the course for you.”

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Sharon Walsh

5 star rating

“Really helpful”

“Really helpful”

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